Upgrading to Oracle 11gR2, presented by Syed Jaffar Hussain

Oracle ACE Director Syed Jaffer Hussain presents a webinar on upgrading database systems to Oracle 11gR2. Have a learning and enjoyable experience Thanks Saurabh   Related articles Oracle: Webcast: #Oracle solutio… (oracleidentity.wordpress.com) Oracle: Identify the #cloud stra… (oracleidentity.wordpress.com) Oracle Identity Manager: OIM 11G… (oracleidentity.wordpress.com)

My RMOUG abstract (Inheritance in Oracle)

  Inheritance in Oracle: Exploring the Descendents “The Abstract Object model of database is an under implemented and commercially unexplored flavor of database. In the late 1980s, relational model of Oracle faced several deficiencies, which forced the evolution of Object model. Undoubtedly, relational model did all well for flat data storage, maintenance of integral data,… Read More My RMOUG abstract (Inheritance in Oracle)

Overloading in Oracle

Hi, Overloading is a generic concept for a programming language. In conventional terms, it implies the different behavior of like named objects upon different calls. Different languages provide add ons upon overloading implementation, depending upon their language support and featured concepts. I have recently got my article published at exforsys.com. Check it out the below… Read More Overloading in Oracle