AIOUG Sangam 11

 Hi Guyzzz Just back from AIOUG Sangam11. Wonderful effort, event, sessions and most important grrat stage to share with some great names. Arup Nanda, Murali Vallath, Kuassi Mensah and many more. Kudos to the arrangement and and event management too. The Day 1 (9th Dec) started off with registration. Was glad to see our bags and great material. Saw Murali at the doorstep… Read More AIOUG Sangam 11

My RMOUG abstract (Inheritance in Oracle)

  Inheritance in Oracle: Exploring the Descendents “The Abstract Object model of database is an under implemented and commercially unexplored flavor of database. In the late 1980s, relational model of Oracle faced several deficiencies, which forced the evolution of Object model. Undoubtedly, relational model did all well for flat data storage, maintenance of integral data,… Read More My RMOUG abstract (Inheritance in Oracle)