Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights

Apress’s “Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights” starts with an overview of data lake ecosystem and its key characteristics. The next two chapters lay down the strategies and design considerations to ingest data into lake. In the further chapters, readers will not only understand how to consume and secure data in a lake, but also learn the concepts like data archiving and availability. The chapters included in this book are:

  1. Introduction to Enterprise Data Lakes
  2. Data lake ingestion strategies
  3. Capture Streaming Data with Change-Data-Capture
  4. Data Processing Strategies in Data Lakes
  5. Data Archiving Strategies in Data Lakes
  6. Data Security in Data Lakes
  7. Ensure High Availability of Data Lake
  8. Managing Data Lake Operations

Use this practical guide to successfully handle the challenges encountered when designing an enterprise data lake and learn industry best practices to resolve issues.

When designing an enterprise data lake you often hit a roadblock when you must leave the comfort of the relational world and learn the nuances of handling non-relational data. Starting from sourcing data into the Hadoop ecosystem, you will go through stages that can bring up tough questions such as data processing, data querying, and security. Concepts such as change data capture and data streaming are covered. The book takes an end-to-end solution approach in a data lake environment that includes data security, high availability, data processing, data streaming, and more.

Each chapter includes application of a concept, code snippets, and use case demonstrations to provide you with a practical approach. You will learn the concept, scope, application, and starting point.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Get to know data lake architecture and design principles
  • Implement data capture and streaming strategies
  • Implement data processing strategies in Hadoop
  • Understand the data lake security framework and availability model