How I authored my first book?

Hey guys,

Recently I got interviewed by Qwerty Thoughts, a startup on a mission to Connect People Over Books…It was a pleasant experience but the question that struck me the most was – The story behind my first book. Took me back into the memory lanes, dilemmas and discussions that took me through the realization of being an author. While full interview is available here, and here, I thought of capturing that specific question on my blog –


Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them. 
Well, I always loved writing. And as a technical professional, I focused on contributing through a product that I knew well. I started translating my experience into simple documents. By the end of 2011, I had already written close to 500 papers, which used to act as reference for me and my friends. One of my friend advised me to publish them on a blog or a book. As a newbie author, it’s a not-so-easy task to convince a publisher. I prepared the manuscript and reached out to few publishers, to hear back rejection in variety of tones; until one fine morning, I received mail from Packt publishing to start with the process. It took almost 8 to 10 months to sort my existing papers in put them in editorial template. The first book “Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professional Guide” got published in mid 2012. I was delighted by the fact that I contributed back to the technical community through my book. I found a fair reader base in the start and slowly, the book picked up a good pace. The book was tailor made for the readers who are aspiring for Oracle professional level certification, along with mock-up assessments. Overall the book was great success story and it instilled my confidence in writing. In 2016, I authored the second edition of the same book by revising the content as per latest Oracle database version. This time the focus was on subject coverage, content quality, and feature explanation. Once again, great excitement and equally overwhelming response. I feel satisfied as an author and I couldn’t thank my family enough for their support and encouragement. In 2018, I took a chance to try my hands to develop content on Big Data Lake architecture. With plethora of content available on web, I knew it was a risk, but still went ahead putting forth my real life experiences from the industry. The book “Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights” was released by Apress in 2018.


I hope you will enjoy rest of the parts too 🙂
Till then. enjoy.


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