Hey All,

Faced some really proud moments last week. I was one of the only 100 winners of NEXT100 CIO 2018 award. NEXT100 is an annual awards program instituted by IT Next magazine and the 9.9 Group that aims to identify 100 experienced IT managers who have the skills, talent and spirit to become CIOs. The awards process invites aspirants to self-nominate themselves for consideration and qualification for the award.

The process requires registrants to submit their applications, undergo psychometric tests, secure recommendations, and clear jury interviews. Jury panel is formulated out of elite senior leadership from the industry – so you get a fair chance of presenting yourself and go through a real liberal “conversation”.

So – what ended well, must have started well. Me and my manager got notified through email that our organization has a “NEXT100 CIO” winner. It was a great moment and wishes started pouring in. Within a week, I, along with other fellow winner (2 of them from my organization), attended the felicitation ceremony in Delhi.

My NEXT100 CIO profile –

I really feel honored to be part of this selective pool of future CIOs. More than the role tagged with the award, it is the rigorous selection process and opulent handling that makes it eminent and reputable.

The felicitation ceremony – well planned, great venue, great people, and the winners for disparate industry verticals. Ample opportunities to network and make some C-suite friends.

I would like to thank IT Next for this honor. Thanks for helping at each and every step of the process. Thanks to all mentors I had in my career – who inculcated the attributes to lead and drive.

List of all NEXT100 CIO 2018 winners –

Grab your NEXT100 CIO 2018 Coffee book here –


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