Achieve Data Democracy with effective Data Integration

For straight fourth year, I was pleased to be the part of AIOUG ODevCYatra as a speaker. This year, AIOUG re-branded the ages old OTNYathra as ODevCYatra to align its focus to the fatty developer community. The thought and execution remained the same though – 7 cities, 35 speakers, and a very tight schedule. I was part of Bengaluru version of AIOUG ODevCYatra.

My session

“Achieve Data Democratization with effective Data Integration”

Data lake is relatively a new term when compared to all fancy ones, since the industry realized the potential of data. Enterprises are bending their backwards to build a stable data strategy and take a leap towards data
democratization. Traditional approaches pertaining to data pipelines, data processing, data security still hold true but architects need to scoot an extra mile while designing a big data lake. This session will focus on data integration design considerations. We will discuss the relevance of data democratization in the organizational data strategy.

Learning objectives

✓ Data Lake architectural styles
✓ Implement data lake for democratization
✓ Data Ingestion framework principles

Response – Trust me, I had expected a very low turn out because the topic did sound out-of-the-blue amidst a pro-Oracle event. In an event focused on Oracle cloud offering, in-memory, tuning, and autonomous data warehouse, it was a risk to get on to big data and data lakes (not in Sangam though!).  The hunt was on for classical data-architects until noon. However, to my surprise, there were 10 heads who left the likes of DBIM Real time analytics and Cloud migration sessions to attend mine. I’m thankful to all those who attended my session and I think we got on to some very healthy discussions related to Data Lakes, data governance, and data democracy.

Session download – My session deck is available here –

If you have or had any questions regarding the session or content, feel free to comment or mail. Will be happy to discuss.

See you all again in events like this!

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