OTN Yathra 2015 just got over!!

Quite well said – Investment in knowledge is the gives you the best returns. It was a great fun last week to be the speaker at OTN Yathra 2015, organized by All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG). The OTN tour covered seven cities and I was the part of it at three cities i.e. Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. I sort of loved to be the part of it as the events were tightly packed with just a day difference. Back to back events in three cities within a week’s time. My piece of stage was on Oracle Multitenant enhancements and Oracle Database In-Memory option.

The Hyderabad venue was at TechMahindra facility with quite huge number of registrations. Thanks to Satyendra and team for attending and coordinating the event logistics. There was good amount of interest level from the participants to listen on latest technology trends. Surprisingly, headcount from audience who have evaluated Oracle 12c was quite less. But I appreciate their keenness to know more on the topics which we presented. Nice meeting Kuassi Mensah, Gurcan Orhan and Gustavo Gonzalez during the events.

The Bangalore chapter was organized in our Oracle (OFSS) facility. AIOUG – Bangalore chapter was a major update of the morning. Yet again, I was happy to have quality participation in my sessions. During the Multitenant enhancements, I spent more time explaining the Multitenant architecture as some of them were new to it. The sessions were pretty interactive and well received. It’s always good to meet acquaints from the industry during events and yes, such events help you to grow your professional grounds too.

The Chennai event was quite an interesting one as it was placed in Loyola College, Chennai. Having not visited a college campus for long time, it was a moment to see playgrounds and hostels. Back to our technical sessions, I appreciate the interaction of the participants. Multitenant was the talk of the hour but DBIM wrapped up their day with the conceptual understanding. And a surprise talk on Oracle Security was mesmerizing. Thanks to Sai for coordinating the events in Bangalore and Chennai.

If learning is an experience, sharing knowledge is a bliss. Thanks to AIOUG for hosting the speakers during the events which was truly appreciable. I would cordially invite your feedback/comments and suggestions on the sessions which I presented. If you have clicked the pics – don’t forget to share them too 🙂 See you again!!



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