AIOUG Tech Day at Hyderabad (Aug 23rd)

Hi there,

Last week, I spoke at AIOUG Tech Day at Hyderabad. All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG) in association with TechMahindra organized one full day of techtalk event. Believe me, the Danube auditorium was a state-of-art facility with 500 capacity. Fabulous venue and huge crowd with similar interest. I thought of sharing my experience through a blog post.

The day started saw the green signal with a welcome speech from Narayanmurthy K, followed by a keynote from Satyendra Kumar (President, AIOUG). The first session from Satyendra touched on various aspects of Oracle 12c – primarily focused on Pluggable Database. Oracle 12c implements the concept of Multitenancy in database by allowing multiple application backends to run securely within a single database (The Container) and thereby, appearing as physical databases (Pluggable database).

Next was my turn to adore the stage by introducing Oracle 12c In-Memory – Oracle’s latest baby. My objective was to drive the motivation behind the innovation and let the audience know what exactly was the motivation. We have been hearing the buzz named “In-Memory” from quite a sometime. Columnar stores too are not new to the tech space. Innovation lies in bringing the two worlds together i.e. clubbing row store and columnar store within a single SGA. The whole architecture ensures that existing potential of row store (buffer cache) is not disturbed but the analytics (reporting and ad-hoc queries) makes use of columnar paradigm to be real-time analytics. IMCS is a native database feature, therefore no additional installation required. We learnt how to enable the feature, optimizer becomes in-memory aware, SGA gets a new static component, and storage indexes to skip columnar units. I was happy to see the growing curiosity in the audience and multiple rounds of QA. In the interest of time, I wrapped up the session but yes, there was a lot to talk about.

In the sequence were the sessions from YV Ravikumar and Nassyam Basha. Ravi briefed the audience on Flex ASM and flex cluster. He did an excellent job in demonstrating the evolution of ASM and how 12c adds flex behavior to ASM and clusterware. He showed some real time examples on his laptop which made the things more practical. Nassyam’s session on Oracle 12c Data Guard (Far sync and Fast sync) were well received. He touched upon the implementation part of the features and multiple use cases. Excellent job while taking the queries and he answered with utmost precision. One hour slot for each session was looking bit less. Far sync topology is a new stuff and planning is an important aspect. Location of the light-weight instance, how many far sync sites, and what is the failover policy must be the part of planning.

Later, we saw sessions from Mr. Phani Arega on Indexes. When to use an index and when not – was the objective of session. He had several use cases and citations to be discussed. I was back again on stage with SQL and PL/SQL enhancements in Oracle 12c. I did spent some time on introducing Multitenant as well. The last session for the day from Satyendra was on Big Data essentials. He gave some excellent figures to show how the world is transforming and where lies the opportunity. The day wrapped up with thanks note. Though hectic, but it was great day and I must thank the audience for their patient listening on variety of topics.

Overall, the event was well received and appreciated by the audience. Thanks AIOUG for building up a great stage.

AIOUG Tech day team

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