Multitenant Validation lab program for ISV partners

Hi Guys,

As you all might have noticed from my social moves, we were running Multitenant Validation lab for ISV partners. Briefing on the program, the 2-day guided lab will enable the partners to test and validate their products/applications on Oracle 12c Multitenant architecture. Partners would be able to visualize and get hands-on with Multitenant Administration and also elevate customer’s confidence in adopting a verified and tested solution. The complete event contains the subject briefing and the validation lab. The preliminary list of milestones to be achieved during this lab are –

1. Oracle 12c Container Database installation
2. PDB provisioning and data import
3. PDB cloning
4. Application connectivity to the pluggable databases
5. Data mobility by unplugging and plugging in a PDB between two container databases

Partners can always wish to explore further on Multitenant aspects like availability, performance, manageability, provisioning and data mobility.

Last week, I was onsite to conduct two such validation labs with couple of partners located in Ahmedabad, India. First partner successfully tested two of its Telecom billing applications on Multitenant while second one validated a Banking application. Will be sharing some of the key takeaways from the event –

1. Java connection link must follow the EZconnect method. The Pluggable databases (PDB) runs as a service within the 12c Multitenant Container Database. The SID is of the container while PDB services get registered with the SID. For the applications to connect directly to the PDB, use service_name and not the SID. It should look like – jdbc:oracle:thin:@hostname:1521/pdb1

2. The JDBC version – If you see connection failure with the ORA-28040 exception, you have a couple of solutions. You can either upgrade to an Oracle 11g or 12c JDBC driver or set SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION on both client and server (to 8 or 9) to support older client connections.

3. If you encounter “ORA-12518: TNS:listener could not hand off client connection”, try increasing the number of processes to a substantial value.

I am happy to see the response from the community and the zeal the partners show to take a step ahead and jointly execute the activity. Thanks for that. If anyone of you get interested in pursuing the program, reach me out and I can take it onward.


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