Oracle 12c Technical Hands-On Workshop

I have been running many tech events and briefings on Oracle 12c for India Partners. This time around, I thought of posting my latest event reviews.

This week, I wrapped up the Oracle 12c Technical Hands-On workshop in Oracle facility, Gurgaon. It was a 2-day event from Oracle Database Product Management. The focus of the workshop was primarily on Oracle 12c Multitenant architecture along with the hands-on labs using a virtualbox image. The audience was comprised of the representatives from the key Oracle partners in the NCR area. I appreciate their interest and in spite of odds like the last night rain and massive traffic, they showed up in time. I was the lead instructor for this event along with my senior colleague Mr. Rick Pandya. Thanks to Rick who has flown from Chicago, to be with me for several partner events in India.

Here was the agenda of the workshop –

  • Introduction to Oracle 12c Multitenant Architecture
  • Administration and Management of Multitenant Databases
  • Cloning, Consolidation, Relocating, Backup/Recovery, Security
  • Migrating to Multitenant Architecture
  • Upgrading to 12c CDB using DBUA
  • Performance Monitoring and Resource Management
  • Heat Maps and ILM, Temporal Validity, In-Database Row archiving

For all reasons, Multitenant was the focus and area of interest. Certain excerpts like share-able components of a Container Database, PDB provisioning, remote cloning, spfile, control file and common users were the area of exploration. Some of the folks were good to find that – in a pluggable container, the instance name (from V$INSTANCE) and db name (from V$DATABASE) appears to be the container name because of the obvious reasons.

The real challenge was the hands-on part of the workshop where the participants were required to carry the high-end configuration laptops, but only few of them could manage it. An 8G laptop with 100G of space was expected to run the exercises on database upgrade, backup and migration. We gave a shot by trimming the vbox image to run on 4G lappe. It did worked but host OS performance was in a toss.

My next stop is in Chennai where I’ll be driving this event for specific Partners. See you all 🙂

Saurabh K. Gupta

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