Book Review: OCA Oracle Database 11g: Database Administration I: A Real-World Certification Guide by Steve Ries


The book OCA Oracle Database 11g: Database Administration I: A Real-World Certification Guide by Packt publishing has been published. The book has been authored by Steve Ries and I was the technical reviewer of the book. It was pleasure reviewing the book as the style of presentation, topics coverage and authenticity of content was pretty impressive. The book targets the OCA certification exam 1Z0-052 which is the Step-2 of completing the Associate level. As an information, Steve had earlier authored the book on Step-1 i.e. OCA Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I: A Real World Certification Guide (1ZO-051) – with Packt publishing.

One of the key features of the product is that it doesn’t mentions the certification exam code on the cover. The book cover has a quite soothing tagline – “Learn how to become Oracle-certified Database Administrator“. Usually, one searches for certification guides only during when the exam is near. But readers will find this book as a handy compilation of basics and practice. The book covers all the certification objectives as prescribed by Oracle for this exam, though its doesn’t sticks with the prescribed sequence. Still, the structure of the book is perfectly fine to be followed for the exam.

The book starts with a fair introduction of Oracle as a RDBMS solution. Under the basics section, readers will learn how to install the database software, create a database and learn the whereabout of Oracle architecture. At the next level, the book covers the core concepts like managing Oracle storage structures, instance, security and concurrency. Later, it gives insights on network configuration and database performance. Core DBA concepts like backup and recovery are well explained and demonstrated.

Here is the outline of chapters in the book –

Chapter 1: Introducing the Oracle Relational Database System
Chapter 2: Installing the Oracle Database Software
Chapter 3: Creating the Oracle Database
Chapter 4: Examining the Oracle Architecture
Chapter 5: Managing Oracle Storage Structures
Chapter 6: Managing the Oracle Instance
Chapter 7: Managing Security
Chapter 8: Managing Concurrency
Chapter 9: Configuring an Oracle Network
Chapter 10: Managing Database Performance
Chapter 11: Understanding Backup and Recovery Concepts
Chapter 12: Performing Database Backups
Chapter 13: Performing Database Recovery
Chapter 14: Migrating Data

Steve has got a unique style of writing and directing the content. He follow the perfect writing principle – Keep It Short and Simple. He presents a situation, makes the space for the readers to think upon it, and then gradually draws out the conclusion out of it – which helps the readers to strengthen the concepts in the area. For the beginners and even mid level DBAs, the book would be a watchable product as it takes a deep dive into DBA basics without complicating the stuff and messing up with the concepts. Overall, the product is highly commendable one with lots of learning, demos, and illustrations. If you are looking for a book which is not only a certification guide but also a daily reference, this one is for you.

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The book is also available at all major bookstores like Amazon, Safari, Barnes n Noble.



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