Book Review: Oracle Database XE 11gR2 Jump Start Guide by Asif Momen

The renowned Oracle ACE, Asif Momen deserves full credit in producing a quality work on Oracle database overview and awareness of related terms. The style of the Packt’s book “Oracle Database XE 11gR2 Jump Start Guide” is a perfect KISS (Keep It Short and Simple). Best aspect being that the book successfully drives its objectives and maintains a consistent tone throughout. The scope of the book has been well measured and maintained. The content is aimed to give the readers an overview of concepts instead of digging the depts or internals. Quite often, I have seen readers misinterpret quick ref (jump start) guide against complete reference books. As Rome was not built in a day, one shouldn’t expect to be an expert in the area by the end of a jump start guide.

Here is an outline of the chapters in the book –

Chapter 1 starts with a touch to Oracle corporation. Briefly, it covers the database editions offering from Oracle. One might expect a column on feature comparison across the editions – but Asif has provided the corresponding Oracle link under References section. The chapter ends up with the focus on Oracle database XE edition.

Chapter 2 talks about the installation of Oracle database XE edition. The chapter includes only what is required for one to start up with the things which justifies the purpose of the book.

Chapter 3 shows how to connect to the database and configure the listener. It also includes a section on SGA, PGA and AMM. However, memory management is separately discussed in chapter 8 too.

Chapter 4, 5 and 6 takes a refreshing tour of programming and development part of Oracle. Readers can refresh concepts like querying and manipulating data, database objects (tables, indexes, views,
sequences), Oracle subprograms (functions and procedures), packages, triggers, and exception handling.

Chapter 7 demonstrates the elementary usage of Oracle Application express. Since APEX comes with Oracle db XE installed, it might be useful for RAD using APEX.

Chapter 8 provides information on Oracle instance and the physical/logical database structure. Basic operations with tablespaces are well illustrated through scripts.

Chapter 9 discusses movement of data between the servers using export/import and data pump method. Export/import of full db, schema and a table are illustrated. I was expecting a comparative study
between data pump and conventional export/import with the list of available options available during export/import and data pump techniques.

Chapter 10 shows the step by step upgrade process from Oracle XE to other database editions.

Chapter 11 provides conceptual overview of backup and recovery concepts in oracle.

Chapter 12 gives you insights on best, may be better practices to tune the Oracle 11g XE database. It touches the concepts like explain plan, indexing techniques, statspack, and statistics.

The book would serve as a light Starter for those who chose the area and aim to tweak in more on the subject. Buy this book from the publishers link:




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