An Exclusive Thank You from Packt Publishing — Any 3 Packt Ebooks for just $19.99

Good Morning and Happy April month to all,

Here is a great offer from Packt publishers for the week. Don’t wait !! Hurry

This week only and to thank you for your custom in the past we have two exclusive offers for you:

  1. Buy three Packt ebooks for just $19.99.
  2. Buy one book, you can get any Packt ebook for just $9.99.

On a purchase of 3 ebooks, this offer will save you up to $80 off the list price.

To take advantage of these offers, browse our book store to find the ebooks you want, add your ebook choices to your cart, and use the following discount codes at the checkout:

  1. Buy three ebooks for $19.99: [Promo Code: THOR20]
  2. Buy one ebook for $9.99: [Promo Code: DANYEB]

This offer runs for 1 week only, so be quick and get your cut price ebooks before next Thursday, 5th April 2012.

Packt Publishing Direct Marketing Team

Use the link for pre order:

Bye for now,

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