Protect your database with VPD

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Database security is an important aspect of database management and administration. Several database security solutions have been designed to prevent database from corruption, hacking threats, and unauthorized data access.

 Fine Grained Access Control (FGAC) is one of the security approaches which allow the logical and virtual partition of a database. In a multi user database environment, it becomes cumbersome activity to segregate schema and thus the data, based on user roles. Therefore, a security policy was required which can apply row level security and allows the current user to access only authorized data. For example, in an EMPLOYEE database, all managers can access only Managerial data, all HRs can view only HR related data and so on.

FGAC is also known as Virtual Private Database. It is because fine grained access can only be achieved after the database has been ‘virtually privatized’ for a user.

Thanks to Exforsys for publishing the paper. Read the complete story in the below link

Implement VPD in your database

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