Result Caching feature in Oracle 11g

Caching has always been the pick of the programmers world. These days applications formulate and maintain different strategy for Cache Manager. Database presents an efficient cache manager which is capable of caching the SQL query results, PL/SQL functions results and client OCI result cache.

In earlier versions of Oracle, caching mechanism was limited up to architectural concepts, but Oracle 11g makes it a programmer’s tool to explicitly govern the application performance.

My obligations to Exforsys to publish my write up on result cache feature in Oracle 11g

Read Result Cache in Oracle 11g

I ‘ll be back with some more new findings.

Bye, SBH

5 thoughts on “Result Caching feature in Oracle 11g

  1. Our database is growing and we have a lots of LOB data. Can you please provide some tips on oracle data compression (tables, columns, etc). Would we benefit from compressing the blob data types?

    1. Do you have Oracle 11g or any earlier version.

      If you have Oracle 11g, then you can migrate LOBs to SecureFile. SecureFile provide efficient option to compress SecureFile(s).

      For LOBs in Oracle 10g and earlier, table compression won’t make much impact. For BLOB, check UTL_COMPRESS (10g feature). Try for out of line storage or changed tablespace.

      May be this can help you out.

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