My RMOUG abstract (Inheritance in Oracle)

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Inheritance in Oracle: Exploring the Descendents

“The Abstract Object model of database is an under implemented and commercially unexplored flavor of database. In the late 1980s, relational model of Oracle faced several deficiencies, which forced the evolution of Object model. Undoubtedly, relational model did all well for flat data storage, maintenance of integral data, and information security but could not offer concrete approach to accommodate complex data structures of nested, hierarchical, and extensible type. These subtle restrictions led the adoption of OOPs concepts in database systems.

Object oriented model of database carries the essence of object oriented concepts like Inheritance, data instantiation and abstraction, and establishment of relationships among types. It ensures persistent data management, effective compatibility and integration with OOPs supported languages like C++, and JAVA, which are the best market flavors of application development.

The article shall be a fair effort to explore the Object model of Oracle. The scope of the study shall include the evolutionary background, comparative drive with RDBMS, commercial study and a lot more details. I shall present a sample case study to highlight the structure building implementation and demonstrate the working of common data tasks.”

I shall post the link once the paper gets published at RMOUG journal.

Bye for now, SBH

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